Sports & Outdoors
October 3, 2022

I remember, a long time ago when I was a young boy, my grandfather bought me my first good baseball glove.  I was probably six years old, and of course I still have that glove some 50 yrs. later.  I couldn’t wait until I was 8yrs old so I could play Little League & use my new glove.  It was a Rawlings brand and it served me quite well, until I outgrew it three or four years later. Looking back I appreciate the fact that he was able and chose to purchase his grandson a quality and practical piece of sports equipment. He was born in 1896 (wow) he always had a great love for baseball his whole life. I don’t believe he played the game after he got home from World War I.  He didn’t have time, but he did certainly love to follow the sport. Any spare time he had, which wasn’t much for he worked seven days a week, he could be found either listening to games on the radio, or watching on their Black & White TV.  Then of course he bought a Color TV when those came out. My grandmother would be right there beside him watching. He knew all of the great players from the 1920’s to the 80’s, when he passed. I watched many a game on the TV with them both. They both would attend all of the games they could from Little League through American Legion Ball.  They loved to attend so they could watch my friends and I play. Those years went by way too fast and I’m grateful for that first glove and the many other things I learned from them and the time we had together.  I played all positions except shortstop, I loved to pitch, catch, play 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base and left or center field. From that time my papa bought me my first glove, I worked hard delivering papers, mowing yards and working at the local movie theaters to buy my own gear because you needed to choose the best option for yourself in order to get the best results. Whether you were playing catcher, 1st base or any of the other positions. I didn’t look too buy the most expensive, I bought the best that I could afford. I’ve enjoyed many different outdoor activities throughout my life and continue to do so.  I believe everyone should be comfortable while enjoying any sport or outdoor activities of their choice.  One should strive to obtain the best gear possible. Whether you enjoy playing Golf, Baseball, Softball, Biking, Hiking, Backpacking, Hunting, and Fishing, Paddle Boarding or Canoeing or any other activity.  Always choose your gear “Wizely”, and be selective of the quality and comfort of your gear so you can have a lifetime of enjoying those activities with your friends and family or even just by yourself.