October 4, 2022

Due to the fact fuel prices seem to be increasing daily, EVERYONE is experiencing “Pain @ the Pump, with NO sign of relief in the near future. With summer time approaching this is the perfect time to consider alternative modes of transportation and getting some relief from the “pain at the pump”!

E-bikes, Trikes, & Scooters would be a great way to get around for short distance travel. These products are all very affordable, economical, and fun. A great way to get around in the city or even rural areas due to the availability of tire options etc. Great for commuting to work or school, running errands or even short deliveries for a business. Also activities such as camping, fishing and hunting, or any other outdoor activities.

Different sizes and color options for the whole family are available with a variety of accessories for all activities. You can add these accessories to better suite your specific needs and/or personality.

Solar chargers, solar generators, and solar power packs, along with conventional electric chargers are great way to keep things running for longer periods of time. Allowing your family and friends more time in the outdoors!